Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the visitor

I want to write these verses down before I forget them!

from Chuck
$1 - ya just don't even know!!!

from Joyce
Matthew 8:13
Eph. 4:24
2Cor. 1:21
Eph. 1:3
Rom 8:37

and these from Kevin
Acts 19:11-12
Isaiah 53:5
1 Peter 2:24
Ps 107:20
Mark 11:22-24

I have had SUCH a blessed week. I would take me hours to write it all in and it is my bedtime, I MUST get it in before I lose it!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Claiming Healing

The day Chuck came to our house, we claimed healing on my body. The date was February 19, 2007. PRAISE GOD!!!

The Hem

Autumn came to my room today (Mon., Feb. 19, 2007) and said her pastor felt called to come visit with us and that he had a testimony that he wanted to share. I said I'd love to have them come over that evening! So we tidy up after school and wait for them to arrive.

Right on time, Autumn and Chuck (her pastor from Camp Ruby) came and we invited them in to sit and have tea.

Chuck began his testimony and there is NO WAY I could relay the whole thing here...his visit was over 2 hours and OH, how I wished it had been taped! He was from the area and years ago when he was in his late teens or early twenties he was run over (his head) by a ton truck. He was life-flighted to a hospital and so much happened to him, very spiritual. His head was broken in seven different places, his neck was broken, he was not expected to live.

Long story VERY short, he walked out of the hospital 20 days later. X-rays showed the neck was completely healed... Chuck had prayed earnestly the whole while there, but couldn't speak due to the trach in his throat. When the doctors would say, Youth, they sure do heal up quickly, he wanted to shout NO!!!! It is NOT ME!! It is completely the power of God and His healing.

One story he told me was illustrated with a dollar bill. He said I could hand you this dollar bill, but what would you have to do. I said I would have to take it from him, so I did. Now, he said, do you have to ask for the dollar? No, I have it here with me. (Christ in me, with me.)

Chuck did not leave our home until I "got it." He stayed and went into illustration upon illustration of what he went through. During that time, he told us, I have something to say, and if you only know it to be true, you'll be ok. Well, he would talk and talk and I knew that it was "just there" but I couldn't see it. Like, tell me the punch line, get me to the last page so I can see what it is you're saying.

He told us of visions he had while at the hospital. One of him on a tight-rope. He was at one end and Jesus at the other end and Jesus called him across. He began walking very slowly, and once out there away from the confines of being able to fall back and still be safe, he started to sway. He leaned from side to side and until finally he couldn't catch himself from falling. He cursed himself for faltering, and cried that he had let his foot fall. He looked up and saw Jesus smiling and thought to himself, My God, why would you be smiling?! When he looked at his feet again, he saw that the rope had moved and that he had never fallen. The Savior kept him from falling and held him the entire way.

Chuck told us verses of healing and the power of Christ. We debated with him over some of the interpretations. Such as "by His stripes you are healed." We said, yes, spiritually. But he disagreed and said No, HEALED. I told him Yes, I believed that Christ came into me when I was saved. But now, His stripes, the blows that should have fallen on me, He took on. The blows I continue to get today...He took them on Himself.

Then Chuck went to the prayer we pray...Our Father, which art in Heaven, holy is Your Name, on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. He said that was a powerful word...AS. AS...not similar to, or kinda like, but AS. JUST AS. SAME AS. So, the question was How is it in Heaven? No pain, no crying, peace, where God abides. As there, HERE. Christ in you. Christ there, Christ here. SAME AS. What does this mean, he asks. I say, there is no cancer in Heaven. He moves to sit by me and hold my hand. What does that mean? That Christ is HERE, IN me. He has no cancer in Heaven, He has no cancer here abiding in my body. He took that healing. His stripes have healed me. PRAISE GOD!!!!

He says to keep that, don't lose it, don't look away. Do I believe it? I have to or the Bible is a farce. The promises are not true. He says, You see it don't you? Yes, I do. We rejoice and float in the Hands of our Jesus. I am not to look at anyone else but Him...Jesus.


Fast forward... Kevin comes into my room and says He was at his prayer group last night and they had a prayer cloth. The Holy Spirit told him to pray for me and that I was healed. My name is lifted to God and healing was claimed in their midst. Kevin gives me the prayer cloth with the verses that were claimed.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

new life...with carrots

Well, I've doing as much research as I can online and through friends, books, DVDs... I've learned and really believe that cancer is NOT genetic!! That was my first shocker. Our eating habits are just passed down from what we see our parents do. Unfortunately, I didn't like my families healthy eating and had my own junk! You name it, if it was something on the "Don't eat this unless you want cancer" list, then obviously I ate it! junk, junk, junk, while the rest of my family ate their veggies!

SO, new life, second chance here. Still don't have an appointment to MDAnderson until mid March, but now that is the GOOD news!! I was kinda upset about it, but no longer!! It is giving me 6 weeks to completely change my eating habits and hopefully shrink, even irradicate my cancer by the time I get there. Do I think this can happen? YOU BET!! jump4joy.gif

Here's the new me. Keep in mind I am 5'6, 124 pounds now. (Down about 5 in the last couple of months.) So, I am not looking to lose any more weight, but to maintain and exercise.

No longer do I drink anything caffeinated. I never drank coffee, so that wasn't a big deal, and I had already given up Cokes to no-caffeine, no-fat, no-carb sodas...those are out too! No chocolate, no meat, no dairy. Now, I do eat fish because of the Omega-3 in it, but no chicken, steak, or other meats. I'm not suppose to eat packaged foods, but fresh foods.

I am eating lots of fruits, which are great antioxidants to help cleanse me, veggies, which were supposed to be good for me all this time, but I didn't eat cause I just don't like them! smile.gif So, DH has me on vegetable soup, fish fillets, fruits, fibers, water and lots and lots of green tea.

more later...

Monday, February 5, 2007

Elvis has left the building

I just thank you girls SOOOO MUCH for your just don't know how much it means!!! hug.gif

I listen to a Christian radio station here KSBJ from Houston, sing along, etc. I told a fellow team member that I can't listen to it anymore cause I cry about every song!! lol.gif (I DO still listen, not crying as much though!) We talked and she said You know we have to have these valleys to see the mountaintops. I told her, But this is kinda dumb...I feel like I'm on a mountaintop! :oh I've needed to be touched for so long..and I just see good things coming from this. NOOOO I don't want this!! Don't like this at all. The second day back to school after finding out and coming out of WalMart, listening to KSBJ (of course) early morning (I go about 6:00) it welled up in me, grunted, growled, and finally let out some really nice screams. Parked my car, went in and taught. Why I bother with makeup these days... lol.gif

THat's really been the only time SO FAR!! I HAVE HAVE HAVE to stay humorous to the point of being ludicrous. Several years ago 2nd grade did a skit to Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison) for a talent show thingy. I was the man and the other teachers were the pretty women. I had this AWFUL black wig that was so disgusting with a moustache. It was so corny and the kids got THE biggest kick out of the whole thing. Well....this morning as I was going through the drawers looking for my Valentine decorations I ran across the wig. I ran to the other room where the other teachers were and said, God is so good!!! If I lose my hair to chemo I have backup hair!! howling.gif They all laughed, cause they just know me. One said, Well, we're friends, and friends don't let other friends wear ugly Elvis hair! lol.gif

I have to laugh or I wouldn't. Now, on the other hand, PLEEEEZE don't think I'm insensitive to those with breast cancer!!! Never in a million years would I make light of ANYONE who had it!! This is totally and completely directed to ME. My own way, God's gift that He has given me a sense of humor that I am esp. needing right now. Hope that makes sense! smile.gif

Sunday, February 4, 2007

My little girls.

I told Kaci and Abbie this weekend. They already knew I was "very, very sick." Knew I'd have an operation to get rid of the sick germ. I was afraid they'd hear the cancer word from somewhere else, so I decided to tell them.

We gathered on the floor under a comfy blanket and closed the door. I reminded them of how I said I had the sick germ and going to have an operation and they nodded. Then I said the germ was called cancer...had they heard of that before? No, they hadn't.

So, I sheepishly look at the them (they are 9 and 7) and say, Well girls, the germ is my bra (whispered). They giggle. Then I say as I roll my eyes in embarrassment "It's on my....breast!" They giggle. It's called Breast Cancer cause that's where the germ is. So Kaci, the oldest, says, "Boobie Cancer?!" And they giggle! YUP!! BOOBIE CANCER!!

So then I go on with they'll have to make a cut on the boobie, get rid of the cancer, I get to the royal treatment at the hospital, then come home. So Kaci inquires... when they do the operation, what happens if milk comes out!! howling.gif My eyes got real big and I said, Then I'd be really, really embarrassed!!! But also, I'd be asleep and wouldn't even know it happened...and if it did, the doctors wouldn't say anything...they've seen it all before!!

Then, of course, we talked about being in God's care, how everyone is praying, and how great it was that the doctor found it so we could get it taken care of. They left with a good feeling...the same I have, that it will be OK. I told them they'd be sad too sometimes, cause no one likes when someone else is sick, just like Papa and I pray when THEY are sick and we are sad when THEY are sick.

My concern is that they are NOT to be scared. hug.gif kiss.gif


I don't want to forget some AWESOME promises I've read in the last couple of days.

Ps. 118:18 The Lord chastened me sorely, but not unto death.

Ps. You will see your children's children. (I esp. love this one!!)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Remember me?

I'm Jo, 40 years old, turning 41 in May. smile.gif I have just celebrated my 20 anniversary with DH in December. We have 4 awesome kiddos: Zach, a senior in hs, Zoe, a sophomore, Kaci, 4th, and Abbie, 2nd. We've also had two losses. I live in SE Texas and teach 2nd grade to a great group of kids in THE MOST awesome school!!! smile.gif