Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oct appt. xray and CT scans

Two days of appointments. The first day I will have a CT scan and Xrays of chest, plus bloodwork. Should be an easy day. :)

We get there early and get the blood work done first. Then off to get the chest x-ray done. That is just a couple of quick shots and you're finished. Then wait for the CT scan. You can't have eaten 3 hours prior to the scan. So I had an early breakfast to be ready for this properly. I sign in and get called back for assessment. I tell them I'd like an IV tech to do my IV for the iodine contrast part. I've had problems in the past..infiltrated once, too many "tries" on another visit and my veins just are small. She asked if they could give it one try before calling them in and I agreed. The nurse was great, got it in one try and it felt good.

When I got called to the back I was given a hospital shirt to change into. I changed and was ready for the CT. The tech takes me to the back and I lied down on the table. Arms overhead and feet off then end. She got the table in place and I looked up and saw some numbers. They were not too far off of what I THOUGHT was my weight! lol I laughed and said If that is my weight I'm gonna cry! :) She laughed and told me it was NOT my weight! Thank goodness!!

She sees a bit of blood coming from the IV (in the iv) and flushes it before beginning. I can always feel it and it kind of sensitive. She immediately says, OH, I'm going to have to start that off slow when we do the contrast so it won't burn.

She takes a couple of scans and comes into the room. Are you wearing a bra? I'm like, uh, .... I feel at my shoulder...yeah, I sure am! OOPS! So I unhook it there on the table and put it at the top of the table! lol whoopsie! (I'm sure insurance will get a big kick outta that!) So she does the scans again and comes back in for the iodine contrast.

Sure enough she starts it slow and then speeds it up and does the CT scans with the contrast. It was problems.

When we got back in the car I told Graland that I was just thanking and praising God while I was on the table. I wanted to tell the, could you start that off slow and then pick it up (I've been told by another tech to tell them this) but I couldn't bring myself to tell them how to do their job...even though it is my right to do so! Praise God for such a loving tech that God placed there just for me at the right time! She knew exactly what I needed and cared enough to give it to me.