Saturday, October 25, 2008

follow ups from yesterday

Well today I met with Dr. Green and Dr. Kronowitz. I had to wait quite a while for Green. Apparently two patients either canceled or came in very late and it threw her schedule. She said the x ray and CT came back great! Also, she won't need to see me for another 6 we're doing good! She looks great...she has lost a LOT of weight.

Then off to Kronowitz's. Got taken to the back very quickly. Jennifer checked me out and said my symmetry was really good and that everything looked great! Asked again about n reconstruction and tattoo. I said, well, still just looking for the tattoo. She leaves, Brenda comes in and asks the same things... she said Kron will be there soon, change into the gown and know the drill....yeah, I know the drill! *rollseyes*

She leaves and I begin to undress to put the stuff on. I open the little plastic bag and notice that the ugly white string bikini panties are now black. Oh great! As if it weren't bad enough wearing the white ones in front of a man who is not my husband! grrrr So then I take them out and NO, it is NOT ugly black string is a sheer black THONG!!! I wanted to cry! I was completely offended! So I walk to the door where I know Brenda is standing on the other side writing in my chart.... Uh, do yall still have the ugly white panties? She says, not wearing the thong, huh? NO I'M NOT!! I don't think so! Had she not had them...i'd have stayed in my striped pair that I was wearing! So Praise God again, He gave me an escape and I got the ugly white things.

Looks like I don't have to come back for a while! yeah! So I get home and we talk about it some more and I change my mind about n reconstruction. If the appt comes through I will get it done right before Christmas so I can heal over Christmas break...and the tattoo will come at a later time. So, very happy here! :o)