Saturday, July 12, 2008

the surgery

wouldn't you know it, my body just isn't the same as most bodies! lol So to achieve the uniformity some additional incisions were made. This wasn't your run of the mill, put in an implant kind of surgery. It was more of a musical chairs and hope that everyone finally finds a seat. I won't be going into the details of the surgery here. But I will say that when I am looking down, it looks wonderful! I fill in my swim top. Will go to buy a sports bra today. They told me to wear a sports bra or a camisole with shelf bra. You can very well tell the surgery from the front...(no bra). On the outside though, with clothes, it looks super! The implants will need to settle into their pockets and they will eventually appear rounded and normal.

I was given the option of pain meds. Vicaden or Darvocet. I said No way to the really threw me for a loop the last time. She said the V works better for the pain, but yes, it does have it's side effects. The D is good too, not as strong as V, but better than V for side effects.

The D gives me fuzzy headaches and I'm not liking it too much. So now (Fri morning) I am not taking them. Thursday evening was my last pain pill. I was only taking them twice a day. I'm not in a lot of pain, just discomfort. Mostly the right side drain...not even the surgery! lol go figure!

It is Saturday morning now, a couple days from my pain meds and my head is back to normal. I continue to empty the two drains that I have from surgery. You empty and mark it on a chart to give to the plastic surgeon when you return for your visit. I know I have friends who have prayed for my pain and I really appreciate it!! I am feeling SOO much better now! God is so good!


zennist said...

DRAINS...OH NO!!! I hate those! They were extremely painful.

Does Dr. K. want to do more fine tuning? He's a perfectionist, you know.